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He Gave Us Hope: The Smith’s Story

Laurren was interviewed by Deborah Ferguson, a reporter with Channel 5 news, three months before she went to heaven and a difficult question was asked “what do you want people to know when this is all said and done?” Laurren’s response is the foundation of the Love for Laurren ministry. On that day, Laurren said that she has a story to tell and that she wanted everyone to learn something from it. She wanted others to know the faith she had in God, the strength she developed because of a humble, selflessness prayer, and the peace that surpassed all understanding.In 2014 Brian and Patty Smith started a non-profit called www.LoveForLaurren.org to inspire and encourage children, teenagers and adults to have strength through all circumstances by choosing to keep a positive attitude, and to support and enrich the lives of childhood cancer.

Shortly after Laurren went to heaven, the Smith family found a need to help teenagers diagnosed with cancer. Every month the Smith family delivers unique gifts specifically designed for teenage girls receiving chemotherapy treatment at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas in hopes to encourage them, decorate their hospital rooms and help occupy their time with games and activities during their hospital stay.

Laurren’s parents continue to speak in schools, organizations and retreats to encourage students and adults to have a positive attitude in the midst of difficult circumstances through Laurren’s inspiring message of hope.

“See, I have a story to tell, and I am hoping everyone learns something from it…..” LBS